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CJ Affiliate Platform

CJ, the world's largest affiliate marketing network, partners with Earthmark to strengthen relationships and deliver more value to advertisers and publishers. 

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"Earthmark helps us to strengthen our relationships with advertisers and publishers by offering a simple solution to a big problem that many of our partners see in their user base.”

Linda O’Connell, Senior Vice President UK&I

CJ (Commission Junction) has partnered with Earthmark to offer an exclusive discount for Earthmark packages for their advertisers and publishers. 

CJ affiliates reach over 1 billion customers every single month and drive over $16 billion in annual revenue through their brands and partners. 

From helping to invent the affiliate industry, to performance marketing and what comes next, CJ have earned a reputation for maintaining the largest, most reliable partnership-based platform. That's why partnering with Earthmark makes sense, to deliver a powerful tool to help consumers make more environmentally-friendly decisions. 

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Work with Earthmark

Learn more about how Earthmark can help you embrace, understand and communicate environmental performance for your brand. 

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