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Drive conversion and positive change

Partnering with Earthmark means you can adopt environmental performance into your product, highlight brands on your platform that are combatting the climate crisis, empower your customers to make informed decisions, and improve real business metrics like conversions, order value and bounce rates.

Kindred & O2: Feel Good Shopping

Kindred for Business is a tech for good social enterprise that has developed a unique loyalty and monetization platform. Kindred has incorporated Earthmark to deliver a powerful new feature with UK telco, Virgin Media O2.

This new feature, "Feel Good Shopping", allows users to browse as normal on their mobile browser, see the environmental performance of a brand (the brands' Earthmark) and generate funds to donate to sustainability initiatives. 

Users can access online discounts 40,000+ retailers. Earthmarks are currently shown alongside 1,000+ of those, with plans to expand that number significantly over time.

This is the start of the shopping revolution. Together with our partners, like Kindred, we're placing a brands' environmental performance into customer journeys, just in the same way that trust and popularity already play a part. The power is in your hands. Shopping with your values in mind, on your terms.

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