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Drive growth with environmental scores from Earthmark

Empower your customers to make informed decisions and boost your own core metrics. 

Consumers want to know that they’re making the right choice for the planet, so why not make it easier for them, with a no-nonsense, super simple 5 point scoring system.

With eco-conscious shopping habits on the rise, it’s little surprise we’ve seen a heightened conversion rate with our marketplace platform clients.

Improve commercials

We aggregate a huge range of environmental data and bring it together into one, easy-to-understand score.

Your consumers will have an at-a-glance view of a brand’s environmental performance without having to leave your platform. So, you can establish yourself as their go-to for eco-conscious shopping.

Build trust with reliable data

Consumers want to feel informed enough to make decisions based on their own values, and more people than ever are concerned about eco-conscious shopping.

Earthmarks are a simple, yet extremely effective way to give you the power to keep your customers in the know and help them on their journey to creating a greener future. 

Empower your customers


Why Earthmark? Why now?

Things are changing when it comes to eco-conscious shopping behaviours. So, if you're looking to the future of your e-commerce enterprise, take note...

  • Consumers are willing to pay 10% more for products from sustainable brands. [PwC]

  • Online search volumes continue to show a rise in consumer interest in ethical brands and taking action with terms such as “carbon neutrality” and “ways to reduce carbon footprint” up 92% and 101% respectively in the last year [Think with Google]

  • 62% of shoppers say they care about at least one sustainability aspect when purchasing online [Google Data/Kantar]

  • The demand for eco-friendly products is expected to grow by 15% annually. [McKinsey]

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Integrate with your platform 

  • We’ll embed Earthmarks into your platform, allowing consumers to see the environmental scores next to the brands you feature 

  • Earthmarks provide a quick and easy insight into the brand's environmental impact, keeping your customers informed

  • With such a simple, five-point visual scoring system, your users have less reason to leave your site and do their research elsewhere

Provide simple, reliable environmental information to your customers

  • Earthmarks take all the confusion out of finding eco-friendly brands. We’ve condensed huge amounts of publicly available information and put it into a simple 5 point scoring system

  • Our Earthmark scores are displayed in an easy-to-understand format that customers can trust

  • Be confident that your customers have access to current, credible and trustworthy information

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Attract conscious customers time and time again

  • Provide shoppers with a simple, effective and reliable way to shop in a more informed way 

  • Tap into a growing market of people looking to make a positive impact with their shopping habits and become their go-to trusted platform.

  • Showcase your commitment to helping bring environmental transparency to  investors, partners and your customers too.

Earthmark scores

Our methodology is applied to brands to create simple 1-5 scores making it easy to compare brands side by side.


1 out of 5
Business operations are meeting the minimum possible standards.



2 out of 5 
Doing better than average. This includes implementing sustainable practices like recycling and making efforts to reduce emissions.



3 out of 5
Think carbon neutral, or net zero. Practices are in place that mean they’re doing no harm, but they’re not doing good for the environment either.



4 out of 5
Reversing negative impact. Taking ownership of their impact and restoring ecosystems, taking part in reforestation and water and soil stewardship.



5 out of 5
Optimising positive impact and creating a future when human and natural systems co-evolve as one. Examples include regenerative agriculture.

Helping consumers make climate-friendly choices

Savings United, The Independent and Earthmark partnered to build an initiative on The Independent’s vouchers page, providing Earthmarks alongside brands.

Value-conscious consumers browsing The Independent’s vouchers page now do so with the environment top of mind. More transparency for consumers, less bounce and more conversions for The Independent. Win-win.

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Work with Earthmark

Learn more about how Earthmark can help you embrace, understand and communicate environmental performance for your brand. 

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