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Join the organisations that are simplifying environmental performance. 

What is Earthmark?

We provide environmental performance scores for brands (Earthmarks) and plug them into online customer journeys through platform partners. It shouldn’t be so difficult to know whether a business is combatting or contributing to the climate crisis.

So, we’ve done the leg work for you, collecting and aggregating data from verified sources to give each brand a score out of five. 

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Why we started Earthmark

Simplify information. Empower consumers. Create a greener future.

We started Earthmark because it’s easier to know if a brand is trustworthy, hygienic, or popular than if it's eco-friendly. What with the climate crisis and all, we didn't think that was right.

So, we dug deep into the industry and discovered there was so much information, yet so little clarity, it’s like you need a sustainability degree to make sense of what it all means!

So, in 2021, we created Earthmark and 12 months later, in June 2022, we launched with our first customer (Kindred and O2).


Our mission is clear: to make the environmental performance of brands transparent and simple, removing the confusion to help people, businesses, and entire industries make  informed changes to support the transition to a more sustainable economy.

How Earthmark makes an impact

Every business, consumer and employee is part of the solution when it comes to combating the climate crisis. We aren’t waiting for complete, wholesale data access or future regulations. We’re acting now.

For Marketplaces

Do you run an online platform that directs consumers to a range of different brands?


We empower your consumers and enrich your platform with environmental scores for the brands you showcase, to improve real business metrics like conversions, order value and bounce rates.

For Brands

Do you own a brand and want to showcase your own environmental performance?

78% of consumers want to buy from environmentally friendly companies (PDI). Earthmarks provide the transparency to build trust with customers, employees and stakeholders

For Consumers

Do you want to feel confident that you're shopping with the most eco-friendly brands?

We’re here to cut through the chaos. We bring together environmental data from trusted sources to help you make upfront informed decisions about where you spend your money.


Cutting through the noise with real data. 

Earthmark uses a detailed framework to show how seriously brands are taking climate change. We are an environmental data aggregator, providing climate intelligence where it matters, integrated into ecommerce shopping pathways.

We combine publicly available information from reputable sources, including from the most-respected verifier of corporate climate targets, Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), and established third-party rating agencies, such as B Corp, with robust environmental data from top industry-recognised databases, such as S&P Global Sustainable. Combined, this gives us access to environmental data for over 3.6 million companies worldwide.


With all this data captured, our expertly-built methodology is applied to create simple 1-5 scores to show how seriously brands are taking their environmental performance, making it easy for you to compare brands side by side.

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Simplifying sustainability


Transparency brings more orders for Kindred

Kindred & O2 used Earthmark to deliver "Feel Good Shopping", which allows users to browse as normal on their mobile browser, see the environmental performance of a brand (the brands' Earthmark) and generate funds to donate to sustainability initiatives. 

​Earthmarks are currently shown alongside 8,000+ retailers, helping 145,000+ customers make informed decisions when shopping. Kindred has experienced a 21% higher conversion rate with Earthmark and a 51% increase in orders with 3+ rated brands.


Learn more about using Earthmarks in your business.

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Work with Earthmark

Learn more about how Earthmark can help you embrace, understand and communicate environmental performance for your brand. 

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