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Environmental scores for brands

Who we work with 

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What is Earthmark?

Earthmark provides environmental performance scores for brands and plugs them into online customer journeys through platform partners. Earthmarks are found next brands in places you already browse, shop and compare to help us all base decisions on a brands' environmental performance in the same way we can with trust and popularity.

Empower change

We do the leg work for consumers. Decide which brands you interact with.

Simplify things

No waffle, just a 0-5 score.

Generate ROI

We're helping partners reduce bounce rate and increase conversions.


How it works


Gather data from publicly available, verified sources.

Earthmark Environmental rating

Present as a 0-5 score considering current impact and future commitments.

Earthmark integrated with browser add-on

Plug into partner platforms to empower conscious decision-making.

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Kindred X Earthmark - Helping consumers make better environmental decisions

Increasing conversion for Kindred by attaching Earthmarks to cashback offers  

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