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So you have an Earthmark, 
what does it mean?

Learn more about what an Earthmark is and what it means for your brand. 

Earthmarks are environmental performance scores for brands, based on robust, validated data to show how seriously brands are taking climate change. We've scored over 8,000 brands in the public eye, which are seen by 15 million + people worldwide. 

Earthmark helps brands to...

Back up eco claims

With so much noise around eco claims from so many brands, Earthmark looks beyond buzzword bingo and uses data from robust sources to communicate environmental performance.

Showcase sustainability efforts

By displaying Earthmarks, a brand can show consumers, employees, investors and partners that they are serious about the climate. 

Build trust with consumers

More and more consumers are looking to shop in a more eco-friendly way. Earthmarks are added to a consumer's journey in a seamless way, so they can clearly see the brands that align with their values.

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How brands are scored by Earthmark

  • We aggregate environmental data from reliable sources to form our five-point environmental scoring system for brands

  • This information is integrated into marketplace platforms and is presented next to a brand in a simple, visual format

  • Our environmental scores help consumers to browse, shop and compare in an informed way

Why your brand has an Earthmark

  • We work with a range of marketplace platforms such as affiliate networks, voucher pages and reward programmes through partnerships with the likes of O2, Samsung and The Independent 

  • So, if you’ve noticed you have an Earthmark environmental score, it’s likely your brand features on one of these sites

  • As a customer browses a partner platform, your brands’ Earthmark shows seamlessly within their shopping experience so they can act accordingly

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What does it mean for your brand Graphic - Brands.png

What does your Earthmark mean for your brand?

  • Having an Earthmark score on your brand means consumers can see your environmental impact

  • Those with a 3+ score on our scoring system see a higher order rate, and many see a significantly improved conversion rate too

  • Earthmarks also help to back up your eco claims with data in one place

Earthmark scores

Our methodology is applied to brands to create simple 1-5 scores making it easy to compare brands side by side.


1 out of 5
Business operations are meeting the minimum possible standards.



2 out of 5 
Doing better than average. This includes implementing sustainable practices like recycling and making efforts to reduce emissions.



3 out of 5
Think carbon neutral, or net zero. Practices are in place that mean they’re doing no harm, but they’re not doing good for the environment either.



4 out of 5
Reversing negative impact. Taking ownership of their impact and restoring ecosystems, taking part in reforestation and water and soil stewardship.



5 out of 5
Optimising positive impact and creating a future when human and natural systems co-evolve as one. Examples include regenerative agriculture.

How it works in practice

Jo Bloggs & Co

To help demonstrate how brands can leverage their Earthmarks to drive growth in their business, we've outlined a brief example case. 

Problem: Growing base of valued consumers and employees demanding transparency about their environmental performance. Uncertainty around how best to share and communicate actions. Ultimately avoid doing so to avoid accusations of greenwashing and lose ground to competitors who are more vocal with their efforts.

Solution: The Joe Bloggs & Co marketing team claim their Earthmark, just as they do for brand reputation through the likes of Trustpilot and Glassdoor. They can then inform their consumers of their Earthmark score and showcase their environmental performance and related data. 

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Please note, each brand's Earthmark is calculated using aggregated environmental data from verified sources and can change at any time, as and when this data is updated. For more information talk to our team

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Claim your Earthmark

Learn more about your Earthmark by chatting to our team or claim your Earthmark to learn more about the score and sharing it with your consumers.

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