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Savings United & The Independent

Savings United, The Independent and Earthmark partnered to build an initiative on The Independent’s vouchers page.


"Working with Earthmark has been fantastic! They help to differentiate our product, strengthen relationships with our partners and empower our users to make more conscious buying decisions. Importantly, Earthmark has also been good for business and we've seen positive metrics from our collaboration.”

Dan Cohen, Commercial Director at Savings United

The Independent’s voucher page is operated by Savings United.


Together, they wanted to allow consumers to make conscious buying decisions. Initially highlighting the environmental performance of 120 advertisers, the focus being on making it easy to see those who were "doing more than average". Additionally, they used the higher-rated shops from Earthmark to pinpoint their approach to onboarding sustainable advertisers.

Since February 2023, we've had very positive feedback from the affiliate industry on this industry-first partnership. Saving United's couponing partnership with The Independent has blossomed and delivered more qualified, high-intent traffic to advertisers every month since. That said, the Earthmark cohort of advertisers performs significantly better than last year on all metrics, including sessions, unique clickouts, session-to-click ratio and bounce rate.


In addition, we've also witnessed that the higher the Earthmark, the lower the bounce rate and the higher the session-to-click ratio – this is defined as 3+ Earthmark.

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"By making it easier to understand which brands are sustainable, consumers will have more power to form decisions which are grounded in helping our planet in a tangible, impactful way."

Campbell Price, eCommerce Director at The Independent

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Work with Earthmark

Learn more about how Earthmark can help you embrace, understand and communicate environmental performance for your brand. 

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