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Make upfront, conscious decisions with Earthmark

Discover the five point scoring system that helps you go about your daily life with the environment in mind. 

Earthmarks help you...

Shop with confidence

Earthmark aggregates data from a range of sources to give you a view of how seriously brands are taking the climate crisis.

Spot eco-friendly brands at-a-glance

Earthmarks make things simple. so you’ll know straight off the bat how effective their sustainability practices are.

Create a greener future

Many small actions by all of us can make big change.

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What we do

Earthmark is here to make environmental performance easily accessible and understandable.

We’re the connection between all the data and information about your favourite brands and helping you make decisions that align with your values.

Our first stop is data. We gather huge amounts of relevant data from a range of reliable sources and aggregate that into one simple scoring system, which you can find on a range of platforms, sites and marketplaces. 

So, when you see an Earthmark score next to a brand, you can take their score into account before you buy.

Why we do it

We’re all about simplicity. When we started to look into which brands are doing good for the environment, we were immediately confused.


There’s so much information out there, but where to find it and how to make sense of it is like putting a puzzle together with more than one missing piece.


So, we created Earthmark. 

We took all that information and simplified it into an easy-to-understand, visual five point environmental scoring system. All so conscious consumers around the world, like you, can knowingly make informed decisions.

Why we do it Graphic - Consumers.png

Earthmark Scores

Our methodology is applied to brands to create simple 1-5 scores making it easy to compare brands side by side.


1 out of 5
Business operations are meeting the minimum possible standards.



2 out of 5 
Doing better than average. This includes implementing sustainable practices like recycling and making efforts to reduce emissions.



3 out of 5
Think carbon neutral, or net zero. Practices are in place that mean they’re doing no harm, but they’re not doing good for the environment either.



4 out of 5
Reversing negative impact. Taking ownership of their impact and restoring ecosystems, taking part in reforestation and water and soil stewardship.



5 out of 5
Optimising positive impact and creating a future when human and natural systems co-evolve as one. Examples include regenerative agriculture.

Shop using Earthmarks

Explore the platforms that display Earthmarks to make eco-conscious decisions whilst shopping. 

Simplifying sustainability

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