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New Partnership With Acceleration Partners to Boost Conscious Consumerism

Updated: May 23

Acceleration Partners and Earthmark Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Acceleration Partners, the world's premier partnership marketing agency. This collaboration aims to reshape the landscape of conscious consumerism by simplifying the confusing realm of eco labels and combatting greenwashing.

Helping provide clarity around environmental performance

In a world saturated with information, conscious consumerism has surged, with individuals increasingly seeking sustainable choices. However, the plethora of eco-labels and the prevalence of greenwashing have left consumers bewildered. 

Recent market research indicates that 72% of consumers find the current landscape of eco labels confusing and overwhelming[1].

We help address this challenge by aggregating relevant data, from business size and sector to emissions and waste data, and distilling it into clear 0-5 scores, known as "Earthmarks." These scores provide a concise and understandable snapshot of a brand's environmental performance. 

We seamlessly integrate “Earthmarks” into online customer journeys, by utilising partnerships with retail or multi-brand organisations. Our work with Acceleration Partners and their clients aims to empower consumers with the knowledge they need to make sustainable choices effortlessly.

Acceleration Partners

Acceleration Partners is the premier global partnership marketing agency, setting the standard for how brands efficiently grow and refine their marketing partnerships worldwide. With a focus on Better People, Better Processes, and Better Performance, Acceleration Partners is a trusted agency partner to leading brands.

Acceleration Partners works with brands to maximise their profitability through transparent, genuine relationships that create real connections with consumers.

By combining forces, Earthmark and Acceleration Partners hope to not only simplify the consumer decision-making process but also foster lasting, performance-based relationships between brands and conscious consumers.

Jack Linnett, CEO of Earthmark: 

"Our partnership with Acceleration Partners is another great milestone. Together, we will cut through the confusion, making it easier for consumers to align their values with their choices."

Want to learn more about creating eco-clarity for your consumers? Get in touch.


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Work with Earthmark

Learn more about how Earthmark can help you embrace, understand and communicate environmental performance for your brand. 

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